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The National Fire Protection Association recommends all Oil, Gas, Wood and Coal chimneys be inspected and swept yearly. For safety purposes and functionality and to prevent chimney fires you should have a chimney inspection and sweep after burning a cord of wood, thirty Duraflame logs or when necessary to remove soot for a proper inspection. Is your chimney liner cracked, worn, badly sooted or damaged?

Every year thousands of needless chimney fires occur in homes across Illinois!

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Carbon monoxide from a worn, blocked or damaged chimney flue can be dangerous to you and your family. Prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning and have your chimney flue, furnace flue connector and fireplace inspected and cleaned before each heating season or when moving into a new residence.

Types of Chimney Rebuilds

Chimney Service

There are two common rebuilds of a chimney: partial and full. Partial chimney rebuilds are mostly done above the roof or the top few courses of a chimney, which generally also requires a new crown. Full chimney rebuilds consist of completely rebuilding the fireplace and chimney. This service consists of demolishing the outer layer of brick on a chimney system and adding a new crown. With a full rebuild, the firebox, smoke chamber, and hearth do not typically have to be replaced. Chimney rebuilds are required when the chimney is leaning, has extensive masonry damage,or vertical cracking has occurred.

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Why Should I Sweep My Chimney?

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Finally, if the chimney is constantly used and the required repairs are not done, the fire can possibly break out to other parts of your home. This is a life-threatening danger, and that is why chimney repair needs to be carried out occasionally.

If your home is old but the chimney is recent, think about the investment in getting your chimney repaired so as to safeguard your home. If you can perform any of the chimney repair work by yourself, you can bring down the expenses by working by yourself.

A total renovation of your chimney can be costly and in some cases going for up to hundreds of dollars. In some cases the cost can go up to thousands of dollars depending on the range of the work required and who you employ to perform the task.

If you want to hire the contractor to do a cleaning job as well, you can simply include that to the entire amount of your invoice.

Although you prefer to go about getting the work done, bear in mind that it will most likely in the long run cost you more if problems go without being dealt with due to the dangers in your house and since getting a chimney fully replaced is all the more costly.